Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Flood Today

No pictures today. The flood in Fargo has pretty much subsided. We are expecting another crest by friday. This time they have lowered it to 37 feet. Our first crest was 40.8 feet.
60 mioles west of us it is a whole different disaster. In Valley City they are expecting a crest 2 feet higher than the Sheyenne River has ever been there. Valley City officials have asked almost half of the town to evacuate.
The Sheyenne River is said to be 10 miles wide at places. There is alot of overland flooding going on.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Red River Today

These pictures are from the main ave bridge that separates Fargo and Moorhead. The Red is now down 4 feet. It is expected to rise again next week when the 10.5 inches of snow we received starts to melt. The last crest got up to 40.82 feet. The new crest is hopefully only going to get to 37 or 38 feet. Flood stage is 18 feet.
The picture with the water tower, if you look in the middle of the picture. That is a stop sign sticking out of the water.

Whole Lot Of Dirt

How much dirt is needed to build 45 miles of dikes. A whole lot. The first picture here use to be a soccer field. The city began to run out of dirt so they dug up this soccer fields. The other two pictures are the backhoe's used to dig the trenches. When the flood is over they will rebuild the soccer fields.

The Wild Rice River

The Red river is now down 4 feet. This is the Wild Rice River and it is also way down. Three days ago you could not see the fence posts sticking out of the water.
The next picture is about 2 miles away. You can see how high the water was when it froze. When it dropped it left this sheet of ice hanging on the trees.

Just A Cool Picture

This picture really has nothing to do with the flood. It is just a cool picture that I took from our main avenue bridge where I have posted several pictures from during the flood. It is one of those pictures you get totally by accident.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Here We Go Again

The Red River has dropped over two feet and is now at 38.8 feet which is still 20 feet above flood stage. Now that the river has dropped two feet, they are now letting some people back into their homes and neighborhoods. So just as things are looking up, what you see in these pictures is what we are receiving now. We could get possibly 8 inches of snow before Wednesday.
We have the Coast Guard here that have actually rescued people by airboat and helicopter. People are still in their houses surrounded by water fighting to save their homes. We have towns that are almost completely shut off from the rest of the world.
With all this snow the river will definetly come up again. They are expecting the river to crest again in April when all this snow starts to melt. At one point a few days ago we had no snow.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Flood Today

I have no new pictures. I will just try to give you a picture of what is going on here today with words.
Our river is going down. Many people would like to think that the river has crested and that we are out of the woods now. Not true. We have alot of snow to melt yet, and more snow on the way. As much as 6 inches and more to the south. The cold weather has been a Godsend.
All the dikes are built and now we are in stand and defend mode.
This morning at 1:25 am Oak Grove School dike was breeched, within minutes, 4 teams of the National Guard rapid respones team was on site, as was Army Corp of Engineers and the city. They did lose two buildings, and even though they lost 2 it could have been much worse if not for the planning between all the agencies that are here. They were having a hard time getting it stopped. If there is a breech, they now have thousand pound sandbags that are dropped from helicopters to help stop the leak.
We still have alot of water to the south and to the north of us. Harwood which is just north of us is now basically cut off from the rest of the world except for one road that is a major detour out of that city.
We are not out of this. The water is expected to stay at this level for a another week.